Nerds Assemble episode 87: GTFO edition

This week:the Nerds Assemble card game, Terminator: GenesisDark SoulsDredd and handling trolls online.

Join Emily, Paul, Paul and Paul as they talk about:

And our feature this week: we take look at the rise of uncivil online comments in light of recent events at Comic Book Resource’s old forums and the Star Citizen forums. Was there ever an age of reasonable tolerance online? Are these people really like this in real life? Why the heck are the a**holes taking over? Is the nuclear option the only option?

So, are you sitting comfortably?

And: why not play along to the Nerds Assemble card game (v1.0) as put together by longtime listener Joseph Payne? Just pick a card and play along as you listen to this week’s episode:


Stuff we mention: The Last of UsHeavy RainElementary, My Mad Fat DiaryAlan Wake and Assassin’s Apprentice.

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Theme music by Martin Falder.

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