Nerds Assemble episode 7: Tea, Earl Grey, hot


Hello and welcome to episode seven of the Nerds Assemble podcast.

In this episode: Paul, Paul, Paul and Emily discuss last week’s Wii U launch news and try t o figure out whether they’re looking forward to the new console. Also, they have a look at a parody video of a guy dressed as Deadpool performing Psy’s Gangnam Style. The gang also discusses Ben Affleck admitting he does not like the Daredevil film; the costume for the new Robocop and they get thoroughly lost in Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

And the team would like to know whether you can beat their 3 rating on Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon – reply to the post here with your actor/actress combinations or Tweet at us or leave a comment on Facebook.

The main feature of this week’s podcast is a discussion of the team’s favourite sci-fi TV shows, ranging from Star Trek: The Next Generation to V to Farscape.

So, are you sitting comfortably?

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