Nerds Assemble episode 8: Avengers Gate


Hello and welcome to episode eight of the Nerds Assemble podcast.

In this episode: Paul, Paul, Paul and Emily talk about whether or not they’re worried about how much of a horror game Resident Evil 6 will end up being; news that Manimal the movie is on the way, thanks to Sony; Greg Rucka’s harsh words for DC and Marvel, plus we consider just how awesome the Loading – a gaming cafe and bar – Indiegogo campaign is.

Those after the kid friendly 300 trailer should head here.

The main feature of this week’s podcast is a chat about spears, lots of spears, and the situation with the DVD and Blu-ray releases of The Avengers/Avengers Assemble in the UK, which brings in studios seemingly not caring about fans, other times the UK has been fudged over releases, how the BBFC has sometimes helped with said fudging, and mentions of  certain 18 rated animes or two..

So, are you sitting comfortably?

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Please note that we experimented on the audio for this episode: recorded it in stereo and have a mono-summed final track, plus there were different mics involved. If you have time, we’d love to know from you whether you prefer the audio quality on this episode in comparison to previous ones or vice versa.

Update on Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: no one has beaten Paul B’s 5 degrees of separation, which was Mania Akbari. We’re still on the hunt for more, so keep them coming in.

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