Nerds Assemble episode 27: The James Henry invasion


This week: Aliens: Colonial Marines, Kevin Smith, writing comedy shows and more!

While we were down one Paul this week, Paul, Paul and Emily were reunited with Telikos Protocol author Peter Cooper and were joined, for the first time, by Oh No! Video Games! host Martin Falder AND

Scriptwriter James Henry (Green WingSmack the Pony, Campus and more, and yes: that is James sat on a sofa with Emily).

So what the heck did we all talk about? This week we discussed:

And the final part of the episode is dedicated to asking James lots of searching questions about his chosen profession and his geek habits, including:

  • Why do UK shows only seem to get a few series?
  • How do you get representation from an agent?
  • Which is your favourite, table-top roleplaying game?

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UPDATE: When James was talking about Polanski, he really meant Stephen Poliakoff.

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